The history of the battle to flood the Gwendraeth Fach valley was significant local historiography within the Gwendraeth valley during the 1960s, but unfortunately it hasn’t been recognised within the wider historiography of Wales.

The unified campaign was a battle to prevent the flooding of the valley by Swansea Corporation for its water supply. The ironic fact is that people are aware of the history of water because of events at Tryweryn which were in a similar position to Llangyndeyrn except for the fact that they unfortunately lost their battle.

Letter from E. V. Kinsgton, 134 Thornton Road, Bradford 1 21.10.1963 Dear Mr. Rees, My wife and I wish to congratulate you and the people of the village on the stern fight you are making in your efforts to sore the village of Llangendeirne from being flooded, and hope you have every success in your fight.