Cheese and Wine Evening 28th April 2012

A Cheese and Wine evening was held on the 28th April 2012 which proved to be a hugely successful introduction and opening to the celebrations. The Llangyndeyrn Church Hall was full to hear a very interesting and informative presentation by Mr Huw Williams which included a previously produced film of the events of 1963.  Mr Sulwyn Thomas, the local TV and Radio presenter, then hosted a question and answer session with 4 members of the original Defence Committee namely Mr Arwyn Richards, Mr Harry Lloyd, Mr Basil Phillips and Mr Meurig Voyle who were also joined on stage by Mr Hugh Williams.  Some of these original committee members had travelled far to attend the event and their commitment, courage and humour was self-evident in an enthralling discussion that kept the audience engrossed. The success of the evening resulted in over £800 being raised to assist the overall fundraising efforts. The event was sponsored by Castell Howell Foods Ltd. and was supported by Menter Cwm Gwendraeth in supplying the translation equipment, and Mr Tudur Jones as the evening’s translator.

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